The Physiotherapists at Robina Physio have post-graduate training in the assessment and treatment of whiplash and associated disorders. Whiplash is a large contributor to pain and dysfunction in our community. At 3 months post whiplash, up to 70% of individuals experience symptoms. Unfortunately, up to 30% of people can still experience pain and dysfunction two years following the accident.

A high quality assessment and treatment provided by an expert physiotherapist like at Robina Physio on the Gold Coast has been shown to be very effective at minimising the impact of whiplash.

Assessment of a whiplash includes a thorough musculoskeletal and neurological assessment. This may include further assessment of the head and body righting reflexes, balance and radiological examinations.

An individualised treatment for each patient may include manual therapy, dry needling/acupuncture, muscular strength and motor control exercises, taping as well as reflex, balance and proprioceptive training.

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