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Robina Physiotherapy on the Gold Coast was established in 1992 and prides itself as having a caring team of dedicated physiotherapists that put your healthcare needs and goals first.

At Robina Physio on the Gold Coast you can expect to receive Expert Care by Physiotherapists with Postgraduate Sports and Spinal Qualifications.

Our priority is to maximise your health and wellbeing. At Robina Physio it’s our mission to provide innovative and highly effective rehabilitation that will speed your recovery process.

We are proud of our excellent reputation as being industry leaders in providing the highest quality care available. We look forward to being a positive and integral part your health journey.

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If you’re looking for exceptional physiotherapy assessment and treatment, then look no further. Robina Physio on the Gold Coast caters for the entire body including the back, neck, knee, shoulder, elbow, ankle, foot and TMJ.

Robina Physio was born on the Gold Coast over 20 years ago and hosts numerous highly regarded and renowned physiotherapists with post graduate training in sports and spinal physiotherapy.

At Robina Physio on The Gold Coast we provide a patient centred model that creates a friendly and supportive experience and we go above and beyond to get results and get your feeling better quicker.

Helpful Articles

Calf Muscle Stretch On Step

Sever’s Disease

Sever’s disease is the common name for a condition called calcaneal apophysitis. It is a very common condition affecting children/adolescents between the ages of 8-14 and is more common in boys than girls. This injury tends to be more prevalent in sports that involve repetitive activities including running and jumping.
Spine Bending

Scoliosis Physio

Scoliosis is a condition characterised by an abnormal lateral (sideways) curvature of the spine. It can occur in children and adults, but it is most commonly identified in adolescents. The curvature can vary in degree, and in some cases, it may be accompanied by a rotation of the spine, leading to a more complex three-dimensional deformity. Scoliosis affects 3% of the population and is more prevalent in females. The severity of the condition ranges from mild to quite severe.
Achilles Pain

Achilles Pain

Achilles Pain is a common complaint affecting large numbers of people in the community. The most common injury encountered is termed Achilles Tendinopathy. An overuse injury that involves a range of pathological alterations in the Achilles tendon, often resulting from prolonged overuse and chronic excessive strain on the tendon. This condition is observed in both athletes and non-athletes and may occur with or without an accompanying Achilles tendon tear. Reduced flexibility or stiffness in the Achilles tendon can heighten the risk of such injuries.