Spinal Therapy and Rehab

Spinal therapy/rehab is a specialised area of physiotherapy used to restore normal pain free movement. The Physio’s at Robina Physiotherapy on the Gold Coast are highly trained in assessing musculoskeletal disorders and can tell you whether you’re good candidate for this treatment technique.

Manual therapy techniques can range from a low grade gentle movements, to a fast speed manipulative thrust, where one feels a “click” in the joint being manipulated. There is good evidence to show that these treatment techniques can be very effective for neck and back pain, especially when performed in conjunction with other highly effective physiotherapy techniques. A strength of Robina Physio is our expert clinical reasoning skills, which enable our Physio’s to tailor an excellent treatment plan for you and get you healed quicker.

At Robina Physiotherapy on the Gold Coast we offer a combination of modalities (including exercise therapy, acupuncture and dry needling and taping) to complement and enhance the effects of manipulative/manual therapy and achieve your goals.

Spinal Physiotherapy Robina