Ergonomic Assessments

In any calendar year 56% of computer based workers will experience neck and upper limb pain. These complaints can be prevented and therefore the associated cost can be substantially reduced through the application of an ergonomic assessment.

The Physiotherapists at Robina Physio have an extensive knowledge of anatomy and spinal biomechanics. This enables us to provide a comprehensive review of the individual – not just the equipment but how the individual uses that equipment. Thankfully, we have a various pieces of equipment and set up types available which can used interchangeably to suit each person’s and workplace’s needs.

At Robina Physio on the Gold Coast, we will assess the work place, with a focus on looking at how an individual sits, stands and manoeuvres at work. We have many years of clinical experience which is applied to each individual ergonomic assessment and treatment plan. Knowledge is power, therefore we will ensure each worker knows how to adjust their office workstation to suit their individual needs.