Vertigo (BPPV) and Dizziness

Vertigo or BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo) is a common vestibular condition which affects the inner ear and causes dizziness. Vertigo is caused by disruption of tiny hairs by small crystals (otoliths) deep within the inner ear canals. Our physiotherapists use tried and tested techniques including the Dix-Hallpike and Epley’s manoeuvre.  This condition is effectively treated by physiotherapy with the majority of patients being symptom free after just 1 – 3 treatments.

Cervical vertigo is dizziness that is associated with neck movements or neck disorders. Up to 58% of people who experience head/neck trauma or whiplash will experience vertigo.  Your physiotherapist will expertly diagnose the cause and will treat accordingly. Treatment may include soft tissue release, manual therapy, motor control exercises, acupuncture and dry needling, ergonomic and postural advice, postural taping or supports and upper body strengthening exercises.

Vertigo Treatment By Robina Physio