The physiotherapists at Robina physiotherapy have specialised in the assessment and treatment of whiplash and whiplash associated symptoms as well as being involved in research of whiplash associated disorder. Whiplash can cause chronic pain in 70% of individuals 3 months post whiplash and up to 30% of people still experience pain and dysfunction two years following a whiplash.

Assessment of whiplash clients include a musculoskeletal and neurological assessment and may include further assessment of the head and body righting reflexes, a balance assessment and radiological assessments such as a MRI to assess any permanent changes to the muscular system that often occur following a whiplash.

Treatment will then be individualised to each patient and may include manual therapy, acupuncture, electrotherapy, muscular strength and motor control programs, taping, reflex, balance and proprioceptive training.

Medicolegal reports may also be included and are usually requested via a lawyer who also specialises in third party claims.